August 21, 2017


Dear Bailey Parents,

Happy Summer!  I thought it was a good time to send out some important information from the PTA, before things get too crazy with all the Back-to-School hype/fall-with-so-many-things-to-do craziness begins (or maybe it's already started!).   


My youngest child will be starting 5th grade this year, so my time at Bailey is limited.  I really see this upcoming school year as an important TRANSITION year, so I can transition/recruit for the positions that keep PTA running. 


If you are new to Bailey – or haven’t been very involved with the PTA – or are looking for a way to step up in your child’s educational experience, I’d highly encourage you to get involved with the PTA.  There are many ways to get involved, and we have many large gaps that we need to fill ASAP.

Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Attend PTA meetings.  Our attendance at meetings has historically been quite low (which is also the “norm” around other PTA/PTO’s in other schools, too).  We meet 6 times in the year (Sept 26, Nov 14, Jan 23, March 20, April 17 and May 22) at 5:00 p.m. in the Bailey Media Center.  Meetings typically last about 1 hour.  Attending meetings is the best way to learn more about our programs, see what the Bailey PTA is up to, provide feedback on items we’re discussing, etc.  All teachers and parents are welcome to attend – you don’t need to be a member to attend, but you do need to be a member to vote on any items that require a vote.


  • Become a PTA member.  To keep our PTA accreditation, we need to have a certain number of members as part of our PTA.  There’s really nothing “to it” other than filling out a quick form and paying the $10 membership fee.  By being a member, you will be able to vote on PTA matters and will help keep our accreditation.  You can find the form here: .  I have a Bailey PTA box at school, so you can put your form and payment in an envelope marked “Bailey PTA”, drop it off at the office and it will get to me.


  • Chair or Co-Chair one of our committees.  C’mon – dive in!  We need your help!  Here are our current openings:
    • Fall Fundraiser Co-Chairs (we currently don’t have a single Chair for this.  With the absence of one, I will have to fill in, but I’d really like to find one or two people who could take this on.  There will be training provided.  You are mainly needed on 10/25 at school in the afternoon/evening.)
    • Book Fair Co-Chairs (our Chair from last year will be more than willing to help the new chairs – we run 3 books fairs per year – two at conference time and one in the spring.)
    • Spirit Wear Chair (last year’s person can share who she used last year for orders – seemed to be an easy process!)
    • Picture Day Coordinator (another task I have been doing – doesn’t take a lot of time – for Fall and Spring pictures & retakes; it is highly preferred if the coordinator is available to help at school on the picture days.  I will chair this, this year, but looking for future.  Would be nice for the new person to help out at our picture days this year to get the hang of what's needed and how things run.)


  • Volunteer.  We have a variety of things we need to get volunteers for, some examples of which are Book Fair volunteers, Fall Fundraiser delivery day/distribution day help, hearing/vision screening, Passport Club, yearbook photographers, etc.  I have an online sign up if you’d like to be a part of the volunteer “pool” of people.  When we need help for something, we’ll email everyone in the pool so you can check your schedule and let us know if you can help.  Here’s the link for the volunteer pool:  You can also find the sign up of current, specific needs here:


  • Participate in our Fundraising Efforts.  The Bailey PTA raises important funds for the school, to be used for our students and classrooms.  We have a variety of ways to fund raise.  If you’d like to see more information on our budget, you can check our website out, here,  Here are our fundraising options for 2017-2018 – you don’t have to participate in all of them, but I’d really encourage every family to be sure to participate in at least some of them since the funds are important for our school and help pay for the approved PTA expenses for classroom and building uses:
    • Fall Fundraiser: Cherrydale/Chip Shoppe Fundraiser (wrapping paper, gifts, food items).  We’ve done this fundraiser for a number of years and it’s quite successful. (makes up about 20% of our income budget).  Last year, the average raised per participant in the Fall Fundraiser was about $50 for our school.
    • Spring Fundraiser: Apex Fun Run (makes up about 35% of our income budget).  Last year, the average raised per participant in the Spring Fundraiser was also about $50.
    • Smaller fundraisers through the year:
      • Book Fairs
      • Community Events (Wendy’s Night, Culver’s Night, etc, where a portion of the sales go directly to the Bailey PTA)
      • Amazon Smile – shop via this LINK ( and a percentage of sales goes directly to the Bailey PTA
    • Direct Donations: If you’d prefer to not participate in the other fundraiser or just want to supplement your fundraising efforts, you are always welcome to give a direct donation to the Bailey PTA.  That way, 100% of your dollars will go directly to our Bailey PTA income budget and 100% will be used on our approved budgeted expenses.


I know Open House night can be crazy for families, but I’ll be at the PTA table that night so if you have any questions or would like to learn more information about the PTA or volunteering, stop by!  I'd love to chat!  Or, if it works better for you, feel free to email me ( and we can "chat" by email or find a time to talk over the phone.  Our website is a good resource for information re: the PTA as well (  

Before my time with the Bailey PTA, I was a teacher.  I stepped away from that to be home with my children and work part-time.  The PTA seemed like a good thing to get involved with when my daughter started Kindergarten (and she'll soon be starting 8th grade).  I've really enjoyed being a part of the Bailey PTA, as time with the PTA makes a real difference for the school community.   As you can see, there are many ways to get involved.  I hope you consider stepping up for the PTA as it serves an important role in the Bailey community.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are ready to help out!


Anne Miller
Bailey PTA President