Still needs to be updated for 2017-2018 - stay tuned!

Bailey PTA volunteers have formed a yearbook committee to work on the 2016-2017 yearbook.  We've set up this page for you to find information about the yearbook.


Photos Needed

We need pictures!  The best way to help us put together a great book is to give us a variety of pictures to choose from.  The book comes together much easier that way!


Please email pictures to:


In addition, we do have 3 cameras that can be checked out from the Media Center.  They are great to use if you are attending any field trips or if you are volunteering at the school - school activities, recess, buses, playground, lunch, art, gym, Community Events (Wendy's Night, Buffalo Wild Wings, Culvers), concerts, 100th day, media center, computers, smartboards, kids club, etc....a variety would be great!


Hints re: what yearbook needs

  • Special events (school wide and grade specific)
  • Candid pictures of each classroom (about 12-15 each) - looking for headshots, full length shots, group shots, individual shots.  Pre-K only needs about 2 pictures for each teacher
  • Pictures of kids having fun and socializing
  • Candid pictures of teachers and staff
  • Anything else that would make great photos for the yearbook!


Other information:

  • Picture deadline is: PreK-2nd grade due by Jan 13; 3rd-5th grades & gym, art, music, media, lunch, recess, teachers, school events due by March 10.
  • A helpful hint: Before walking into a classroom, take a picture of the teacher's name above the door and then take candid pictures inside the classroom so you can easily know whose class they belong to.