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Bailey PTA Upcoming Events, News & Link Highlights:

Apex Fun Run

Thank you for your support of Bailey Elementary/the Bailey PTA and the investments you make in your children’s lives. We are excited to announce our school will be participating in the Apex Fun Run as our major fundraiser this spring!  The Apex program will last for 2 weeks and will kick off with a Pep Rally on Tuesday, March 19th. Please look for the Apex Pledge Kit your child will receive on that day and for e-mails coming from your teachers.


Apex Fun Run is an interactive leadership program that helps schools raise funds, while promoting leadership, good character and fitness. This year’s theme is STRONG! Students will learn from the Apex Team how to be STRONG leaders for the future!  

 (Selfless Trustworthy Refuel Overcome Next Level Grateful).


During the Apex Fun Run program, students are challenged to get pledges for the laps they will run on Thursday, March 28th to help our school.  Students will run for 30 minutes and will run an average of 26-36 laps around the Apex Raceway. The maximum amount of laps is 36 and each lap is 1/16th of a mile. Sponsors can pledge $1/lap, $2/lap, $5/lap, or any other amount for students and can pledge from anywhere in the world! Regardless of pledging, all students can participate in the program.


The money raised supports PTA funds for student and classroom enrichments.  Thank you for your continued support!


Check out our Apex 2019 web page:  APEX 2019

Community Events


Wendy's and Culvers are the participating restaurants for this year.  Check out details here:  LINK


And information below:



Wednesday, May 1



June 5


Between the hours of 5 and 7:00 p.m. Wendy's will donate 15% of ALL sales to the Bailey PTA.  So, no coupon or mentioning of Bailey needed for us to get "credit".  

--  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --


Tuesday, May 14



From 5-7 p.m., Culver's will donate 5-10% of sales (depending on the level of sales per hour) for ALL customers who come to Culver's during those times.  So, no coupon or mentioning of Bailey needed for Culver's! 

Help Needed - Take Home Folders

We usually meet on Thursday mornings to assemble and distribute information sheets for the students of our school to bring home in their 'Take Home Folders'. Please sign up for the dates that you can come and help out. In the past year, assembling the documents took between 15 minutes and 2 hours, depending on how many documents we received and the number of volunteers we had.





Passport Club Information

Check out our page about Bailey's Passport Club:  LINK

2018-2019 Volunteer Opportunities

To sign up to be part of our "pool" of volunteers, click here: SIGN UP 

When volunteer opportunities arise, we'll email our pool of volunteers to see who can help.


Here is our list of specific volunteers we're looking for right now (but please, also, consider signing up for our "pool" with the link above - those will be the volunteers we will email when we have other needs through the year to see if you're interested/available): SPECIFIC NEEDS




Information about Bailey Fundraising:  The Bailey PTA raises important funds for the school, to be used for our students and classrooms.  We have a variety of ways to fund raise.  Here are our fundraising options for 2018-2019 – you don’t have to participate in all of them, but we would  really encourage every family to be sure to participate in at least some of them since the funds are important for our school and help pay for the approved PTA expenses for classroom and building uses:

  • Fall Fundraiser: Cherrydale/Chip Shoppe Fundraiser (wrapping paper, gifts, food items).  We’ve done this fundraiser for a number of years and it’s quite successful. (makes up about 20% of our income budget).  Historically, the average raised per participant in the Fall Fundraiser was about $50 for our school.
  • Spring Fundraiser: Apex Fun Run (makes up about 35% of our income budget).  Historically, the average raised per participant in the Spring Fundraiser was also about $50
  • Smaller fundraisers through the year:
    • Book Fairs
    • Community Events (Wendy’s Night, Culver’s Night, etc, where a portion of the sales go directly to the Bailey PTA)
    • Amazon Smile – shop via this LINK (http://smile.amazon.com/ch/41-1710568) and a percentage of sales goes directly to the Bailey PTA
  • Direct Donations: If you’d prefer to not participate in the other fundraiser or just want to supplement your fundraising efforts, you are always welcome to give a direct donation to the Bailey PTA.  That way, 100% of your dollars will go directly to our Bailey PTA income budget and 100% will be used on our approved budgeted expenses.


PTA Membership

Please check out our "Donations & Membership" page for how to join the Bailey PTA.  We look forward to having you be a part of our Bailey PTA community!

Amazon Smile

Do you shop on Amazon?  Did you know you could get all the same great benefits Amazon offers and raise money for our school?


Every time you shop on Amazon (via the Amazon Smile site), Amazon Smile will give 0.5% of your purchase back to our school…same products, same prices and same shopping options.  Amazon Prime members are eligible too!

No need to register - just use this link (or the link on the box below) every time you shop on Amazon: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/41-1710568

This link is a direct link to benefit Bailey (which shows up as “PTA Minnesota Congress”, but the link has our Tax ID number so we know it's for Bailey.


Bailey Elementary PTA