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Bailey PTA Upcoming Events, News & Link Highlights:

Spring Book Fair

Spring BOGO (Buy one Get one) Book Fair will run 5/22 - 5/26.


The Book Fair will be open from 1:30-4:30 all week long with extended hours of 1:30-6:00 pm on Tuesday 5/23! 


Thank you in advance for your help with volunteering! 


Please sign up using the following link:


Thank you, Bailey families!

Thanks for helping with PTA fundraising!  It helps our school!  For more information on our budget, check out our LINK.

Spring PTA Fundraiser & Wellness Program:          APEX FUN RUN

Big Mac, Em-azing and Jazzy Jeff - our Apex Team:

KICK OFF CELEBRATION happened March 28!

The Bailey PTA has added an Apex Fun Run as part of our fundraising efforts for the 2016-2017 school year.


Apex provides a two week curriculum where "coaches" come to classrooms during the school day to encourage students and promote wellness and fitness.  The two week program culminates in a Fun Run for all students on Thursday, April 6.


Families will be able to take pledges for runners, including the option of online pledges which makes it easy for family and friends from out of town to help participate and encourage your runner/runners!  This is a fun, new way to help out the Bailey PTA!


Check out our Bailey PTA Apex Fun Run page:  APEX

Thanks to all who supported our Apex Fun Run Spring Fundraiser!

Math/Reading Corps

Create brighter futures


Join Minnesota Reading or Corps and...


  • Tutor and inspire students in reading and math
  • Gain great skills for your resume
  • Earn up to $5,815 to help pay for student loans or tuition
  • Receive a bi-weekly living allowance


Go to ReadingandMath.net to learn more





Yearbook Candid pictures needed!

Yearbook needs PreK-2nd grade candids this week!  See here for more information: 


Want to be part of our Bailey PTA email group?  We'll email you re: things going on with the PTA, opportunities to help, etc.


We won't share your email with anyone else and emails will be sent "BCC" so others don't see your email address.



Name and email is all we need - this survey will take you less than one minute! 




Community Events


Wendy's, Buffalo Wild Wings and Culvers are the participating restaurants for this year.  These are restaurants who give back to Bailey on specific nights.  Check out details here:  LINK

2016-2017 Volunteer Opportunities

To sign up to be part of our "pool" of volunteers, click here: SIGN UP 

When volunteer opportunities arise, we'll email our pool of volunteers to see who can help.


Here is our list of specific volunteers we're looking for right now (but please, also, consider signing up for our "pool" with the link above - those will be the volunteers I email when we have other needs through the year to see if you're interested/available): SPECIFIC NEEDS




Bytes for Bailey Spending from Last Year

During our final PTA meeting of the 2015-2016 year, members in attendance approved the purchase of a chrome book lab (32 chrome books), 2 smart board and 1 projector (for classrooms that don't have that equipment in them).  We will be using the approximate $900 raised in Community Events from last year (Wendy's Nights, Buffalo Wild Wings Days, etc) in addition to carry-over money from last school year to pay for these expenses.  These are exciting additions to the Bailey learning community and we did it with strong fundraising!  Thanks everyone!  Teachers and students alike will benefit!

Amazon Smile

Do you shop on Amazon?  Did you know you could get all the same great benefits Amazon offers and raise money for our school?


Every time you shop on Amazon (via the Amazon Smile site), Amazon Smile will give 0.5% of your purchase back to our school…same products, same prices and same shopping options.  Amazon Prime members are eligible too!

No need to register - just use this link (or the link on the box below) every time you shop on Amazon: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/41-1710568

This link is a direct link to benefit Bailey (which shows up as “PTA Minnesota Congress”, but the link has our Tax ID number so we know it's for Bailey.


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