Bailey PTA Board 2017-2018

President: Anne Miller (parent)



About Anne:  A busy mom of two children - an 8th grader and a 5th grader.  Anne is a licensed teacher (elementary and middle school math) who after eight years of teaching 8th grade math, decided to take some time off from teaching to be a mom and work part-time.  She's currently an office manager in a bookkeeping office. She stays busy with her kids, baking, and planning Disney trips (for her family and other families - and she does it because she LOVES Disney).


Favorite color:  Lime green

Favorite cartoon character:  Mickey Mouse

Favorite place to vacation: Disney (World, land or cruise)

Favorite sitcom: Hard to name one - love The Goldbergs, Big Bang Theory and Friends

Co-Vice-President: Drew Hovden (teacher)


(email goes to both Drew & Eva)


About Drew:  I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in 2001 and completed my Master’s Degree in Education at Hamline University. This is my 17th year teaching in the district and my 14th year at Bailey. This year I am teaching 3rd grade for the first time. My favorite subjects to teach are Reading and Science. 


Favorite color:  Black

Favorite cartoon character:  Pepe Le Pew and Megatron

Favorite place to vacation:  any place with an ocean, lake, or river

Favorite sitcom:  I don’t really have one now but I used to like Three’s Company

Co-Vice-President: Eva Lee (parent)


(email goes to both Drew & Eva)


About Eva:  Eva Lee is a former English teacher in District 833 and is currently a stay-at-mom mom to Hank (6) and Benji (3).  She loves to cook, spend time outside and to get lost in a good book. 


Favorite color: green

Favorite cartoon character: Curious George

Favorite vacation spot: somewhere near water. Camping or the beach! 

Favorite sitcom: not really a sitcom, but I love Game of Thrones! 

Treasurer: Adam Miller (parent)



About Adam:  Adam is a licensed CPA and has been our treasurer for the past few years.  He loves watching NFL football, especially the Vikings and loves all things Disney.  He has two children - one in 5th grade and one in 8th grade.  He's married to Anne, the President of the Bailey PTA.  (But please know that Adam can sign checks, Anne can't - and we need 2 signers on all checks so we have a teacher as our second signer.)   


Favorite color: purple 

Favorite cartoon character: Mickey Mouse

Favorite vacation spot: Disney World

Favorite sitcom: Friends

Co-Secretary: Heather Moreno (teacher)


(email goes to both Heather & Nicole)


About Heather:  Heather Moreno graduated from the University of Wisconsin River Falls in 2005 and has been an art educator in District 833 since 2006. In 2012 she received her Master's in Education from Saint Mary's University. In addition to teaching art she also instructs the Woodbury High School Marching Band and Color Guard. In her personal time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter as well as drawing, knitting and ceramics.


Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Cartoon Character: All of them! When I was very little I dreamed of one day being an animator for Disney.

Favorite place to vacation: Utah to visit family, or anywhere I haven't been before!

Favorite sitcom: I don't watch much TV but when I do it is usually Food Network or HGTV

Co-Secretary: Nicci Pribyl (teacher & parent)


(email goes to both Heather & Nicole)


About Nicci: This year will be my 15th year of teaching.  I’m happy to be on the PTA board this year as co-secretary, not only as a teacher but also a parent.  I have a 2nd grader and 5th grader at Bailey and I’m happy to witness all of the opportunities and experiences they’ve been given through attending an elementary with such a supportive PTA!


Favorite color: Coral 

Favorite cartoon character: Dopey

Favorite place to vacation: Mexico, Jamaica, Northern MN

Favorite sitcom: Odd Mom Out 

To email entire board, click here: Bailey PTA Board


Bailey Committee Chairs 2017-2018

  • Art Adventure: Sarah Sorenson
  • Book Fair: Eva Lee and ____________________
  • Box Tops for Education: Carol Thoma
  • Community Events: Anne Miller
  • Conference Night Dinners: Kara Gulden & Andrea Olson
  • Fall Fundraiser: Anne Miller & ________________
  • Hearing/Vision Screening: Deanne Trudeau
  • I Love to Read: Carol Thoma
  • Back-to-School Open House: Anne Miller & Eva Lee
  • Passport Club: Tanja Roehl
  • Picture Day Coordinator: Anne Miller
  • School Tool-Box/Supply Pre-Order: Joyce Courtney
  • Spirit Wear: Kathy Gaalaas 
  • Student Directory: Anne Miller
  • Staff Appreciation Week: Tanja Roehl
  • "Thursday" Folders: Tanja Roehl
  • Twins Night: Christine Roban
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Anne Miller & Eva Lee
  • Website for PTA: Anne Miller
  • Yearbook: Jill Helgesen

Board Position Descriptions

President(s): Oversees and provides guidance for all PTA board members/committees and activities, creates agendas and conducts PTA meetings according to Roberts Rules of Order, helps set priorities and leads the school PTA toward specific goals chosen by the membership and is the official representative of the school PTA. The president(s) work closely with the school administrators to meet the goals of the membership and is/are responsible for the accuracy of PTA information and compliance with PTA policies/bylaws.

Vice President(s): Act(s) as aide(s) to the president(s), perform duties of the president(s) in their absence, performs other duties as may be assigned by the association. Responsible for submitting PTA memberships to MN PTA and insuring that Bailey PTA is in compliance with policies/bylaws. Helps set priorities and leads the school PTA toward the specific goals set by membership.

Secretary: Records minutes at each PTA Meeting and submits them to the PTA president(s) for review, makes necessary revisions. Emails the final minutes to the website coordinator.

Treasurer: Controls all funds of the association accounting for all receipts and expenditures, makes disbursements as authorized by the president, executive board, or association. The Treasurer ensures that all checks are signed by two authorized PTA members. Provides Treasurer's Report at PTA meetings conforms to bylaw requirements; submits books annually for an audit by an outside agency. Helps set priorities and leads the school PTA toward the specific goals set by membership.