Spring 2023 PTA Fundraiser:         Apex Fun Run

The Apex Fun Run team will be at Bailey Elementary from March 18th - March 29 2024!


This is an important fundraiser for the Bailey PTA - hope you can help!


Volunteer sign up: Coming Soon!



Pictures from the Apex Pep Rally on 3/13/18:






The Bailey PTA added an Apex Fun Run as part of our fundraising efforts for the 2016-2017 school year.


Apex provides a two week curriculum where "coaches" come to classrooms during the school day to encourage students and promote wellness and fitness.  The two week program culminates in a Fun Run for all students on Thursday, March 28.


Families will be able to take pledges for runners, including the option of online pledges which makes it easy for family and friends from out of town to help participate and encourage your runner/runners!  This is a fun way to help out the Bailey PTA!